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Jul 16, 2018 -- 5:26pm


Though this sounds like a joke, rest assured it is not…in fact, this company is not the first company to try and market a food product that had the essence of vagina! However, we believe this is the first time we have ever come across anything that we were asked to eat or drink that includes the woman’s “juice” as an active ingredient in the product!

The name of the beer is The Order of Yoni. Wojtek Mann, the founder of the company explains that the word “yoni” means “vagina” in the Sanskrit language and the logo/artwork associated with the beer is also the symbol of a Hindu Goddess.

As you can imagine things only get weirder when you learn more about a vagina flavored beer. Check out the video and see if you want to sip from the fountain of Yoni!


We have babies at the Rebel!!!!!!

Jun 28, 2018 -- 4:48pm

As we all know, with spring and summer come baby birds.  But the strangest thing, a mother bird decided to build a nest in the juniper bush just adjacent to the jock entrance to our building.  This is a pretty active door and it just seems like she would have picked an area with a little less activity.  And we can't stop looking at the babies.  The mama bird doesn't seem to mind though.  It's so funny how fast these little guys are growing.  We think they are North Carolina Wren.  

This first picture was taken when we first discovered them this past Friday -- bald little babes with their eyes shut.

By Monday (june 25)  their eyes were still closed but they were covered in  this soft looking  down.

By the time we got to work on Tuesday, they were starting to get their feathers.

Here's the Mama Bird on her next. She doesn't seem to really mind us being around.

Here's a picture of her that shows the babies!  We check on them everyday. And I think I'm the worst!

We saw a snake outside about two weeks ago. It was huge. So we are on the lookout for the snake.  The nest is kind of low to the ground, at least lower than you would expect it. We expect the little guys and girls to be flying away soon. We will miss them.  It's like the most exciting thing to happen around here in awhile.

If you have any baby bird pictures where you work or life feel free to post them on our Facebook page so we all can see them!


Harmony is programmed to be your "perfect" companion

Jun 28, 2018 -- 3:21pm

Harmony is programmed to be your "perfect" companion.



The South's Most Accurate Weather Forecaster -- Granny

Jun 13, 2018 -- 5:41pm

Every weather station needs the Granny-Cast 2000. The most accurate weather forecasting technology yet. It's a Southern thing!


I Bought A Hillary Clinton Chia Pet!!!!

May 21, 2018 -- 4:06pm

I always laughed at the commercials. For years I asked who in the world would buy one of these? Then I bought one -- A Hillary Clinton Chia Pet!


OMG, it is sooooo much fun. First you drown her for one hour.



Wait, her nose is stickout out!



Much better. 

Meanwhile you mix up the seeds.



You put the seeds on her head. I've always wanted to do Hillary's hair.  They look like pot seeds, don't they?  I don't think they are. 




Then, she dries out for 2 days. Yea, that pesky drinking problem.


Then you fill her up with water, put a plastic bag over her head and smother her for 2 days. I can't wait to do that part!  Then she sprouts. I can’t help but wonder if Bill has a Hillary Chia and if Hillary has a Bill Chia, that they keep in their separate bedrooms/houses. And do they lie to each other about it?. I like to think they do. That warms my heart!!! 😂😂😂I'll 





I'll let you know when she sprouts and post a pic.  Thanks for checking it out!     UPDATE:  Hillary has sprouted. Did y’all know she has back hair? Poor thing. We are discussing her need to manscape. I think she’s cuter with green hair. What do you think?
Hillary has sprouted. Did y’all know she has back hair? Poor thing. We are discussing her need to manscape. I think she’s cuter with green hair. What do you think?

Mother Knows Best - SNL

May 14, 2018 -- 4:33pm

Three mother-child pairs (Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Chris Redd, Leslie Jones, Mikey Day, Kate McKinnon) compete on Mother Knows Best, hosted by Shelby McAllister (Amy Schumer).


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