Emergency drill at Pepperell High School planned for Wednesday Morning

May 14, 2019---12:22 P.M.


Emergency Management, public safety and school system officials will conduct an emergency evacuation drill Wednesday morning at Pepperell High School.

The exercise is an opportunity to test emergency plans for local schools.

According to Floyd County Schools’ Chief Security Officer Rick Flanigen, the scenario will be a gas leak.

“It’s not saying that if we have a similar situation that we will evacuate the school,” he said.  “We would speak with public safety, find out what they recommend and then decide the best course of action.  But this drill is just for us to go out and see how well our protocols are working.”

Flanigen, who was a guest on a recent Hometown Headlines Radio Edition, went over the timeline for the drill.

“We are tentatively going to begin the drill at 8:30 and we hope to finish up at around 10:45,” he said.  “That’s the window that we are looking at.  It could be longer or it could be shorter.  It’s hard to say because we have never done this type of exercise before.”

The drill is similar to one that was conducted last year at Armuchee Middle School, but with 800 students and staff being moved, which is about double the number for the Armuchee Middle School exercise.