Tennessee man arrested in Chattooga County for desertion

January 9, 2019--9:47 a.m.


A fugitive from Tennessee with an outstanding warrant issued by the United States Army was arrested in Chattooga County on Monday after being involved in a minor traffic accident in Trion.

Twenty-year-old Tyler Alexander Lee Baldwin of Maynardville, Tennessee was driving through Chattooga County when he was involved in a minor traffic accident at the intersection of Maffet Street and Highway 27.

After deputies spoke with Mr. Baldwin and obtained his driver’s license, they discovered that he was wanted for desertion from the United States Army.

Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader told WZQZ News that a Federal warrant was issued for Baldwin’s arrest after he deserted his post from the Army back on July 5, 2018. Sheriff Schrader told WZQZ that it is not a charge that is seen often, but that Baldwin would be held in the Chattooga County Jail for authorities from the United States Army.

Sheriff Schrader said that Baldwin told deputies he deserted from the Army because of “family issues” that he needed to deal with. Now, he will likely be dealing with serving time.

There is no set penalty for desertion from the military, that is left up to a military court. Charges of desertion in wartime are subject to the death penalty, but no one has been put to death for desertion since 1945. Since 2001, the maximum penalty any service member has been sentenced to is twenty-four months in military prison.