Woman charged with conspiracy

October 10, 2018--10:46 a.m.


Another arrest has been made in connection with an alleged conspiracy to smuggle contraband into the Floyd County Prison.

According to arrest warrants, 20-year old Toddia Kamihas Hollis of Atlanta and three others were involved in the scheme to introduce various items into the prison via the Floyd County Animal Control facility.

Those items included tobacco wrapped into 31 individual balls with a total weight of 640.7 grams, marijuana wrapped into 10 individual balls and weighing 6.3 ounces, a case of Corona beer, a pair of Versace sunglasses, an envelope containing 35 photographs of females in various states of dress, a Verizon ZTE touch screen cell phone, and 40 cigarillos.

Hollis is charged with conspiracy to commit a felony, attempt to violate Georgia’s Controlled Substances Act, and items prohibited for possession by an inmate.

37-year old Warithah Jallah Allah was arrested last month in connection with the scheme.


Man charged with false statements and writings

October 10, 2018--10:46 a.m.


A 21-year old Rome man already in the Floyd County Jail is facing additional charges.

According to jail records, Branton Kaden Hughes of a Smith Road address signed a traffic citation with the intent to conceal his identity.

Hughes was charged with a felony count of false statements and writings.

The report goes on to say that he was clocked going 85 in a 55 mile per hour zone on Georgia Loop 1 at Calhoun Road back on August 25 and was charged with speeding and driving while unlicensed.

Hughes has been in jail since September 5, when he was arrested on charges of failure to appear in court and a probation violation.