The Vultures are Roosting! Seriously!

Sep 20, 2021 -- 3:37pm
Our backyard backs up to the woods and we see a lot of interesting things. The last few days, I've noticed an opossum has been visiting. But he runs as soon as I come out the back door. So I haven't actually met him or her.
We have four baby racoons that grace our back porch every night for treats. I haven't seen mama racoon in three weeks. Their life expectancy is 3.1 years in the wild. She's been coming around about three years. So maybe her time was up. Either that or she couldn't get those babies to flee the den and said the heck with it, I'm going.
This past summer, on occasion I have seen does and their babes walking though the back yard. Two of each one day. I'll never get tired of seeing that.
We have a dog, 3 cats and one kitten. And just about every day, the neighbors cat comes by for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and sometimes all three. Occasionally a cat, or dog, from the neighborhood visits. They all seem to know they will be fed here. And occasionally a lost one turns up and we try to help it find it's way home.
One spring we had bats. They were fun to watch but we haven't seen them in awhile. I've seen Eagles fly over. And once a day, the Canada Geese fly over.
So it's been raining for two days and yesterday I noticed the vultures. Huge black face vultures. They were roosting in the trees, the very top of the ridiculously high trees in the back yard. So high I can't really get a good picture.The pictures I have don't in any way convey the size of these birds.
Today they moved closer. There were 11 in one tree and three in another. And they were all staring at the house. I was wondering if they knew something we didn't know. I sat there thinking, yea you're watching me and if I drop dead in the backyard you will eat me. Not immediately, but in a few days. They're sitting out there now on bare branches in the tops of the trees. It's pouring rain and it's not bothering them a bit.

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