It Was The Grossest And Coolest Thing I've Ever Seen

Jul 19, 2021 -- 6:06pm

The other night I was on the back porch and a huge rhinoceros beetle attached itself to my ankle. I tried to shake it off. It wouldn’t shake. I had to reach down there, grab it and fling it across the porch.

It landed near the cat (Stubbs). It Tried to crawl up Stubb’s leg. Stubbs shook it off. It tried to climb on his other leg. Stubbs flung him across the porch.

Little did I know at the time, there was a baby raccoon lurking in the shadows on the porch. Let me explain. We have been feeding a racoon on our back porch for about two years now. Each of those last two years, around April, she gives birth. Eventually, when the babies are almost as big as she is, we see them. One of those babies was lurking in the shadows on the purch.

And the craziest thing happened.  He or she ran up to the beetle, picked him up with his hands, and put the beetle in its mouth.  I heard the loudest crunk I think I have ever heard.  It was both the grossest and coolest thing I think I have ever seen. 




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