Remember To Help Your Neighbors

Sep 30, 2020 -- 4:06pm

My youngest daughter posted on Facebook yesterday about the 13-year old son of a co-worker that was riding his bike and hit by a car in his neighborhood. He is no longer with us. I thought of that little boy all day long.

Then, on the way home, just before 8, and almost dark. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the glint of a reflector on a bicycle pedal just to the right of me. It shook me up a little. I wasn't that close but I could have been. I didn't see the dark-skinned man in the dark clothes with the dark hair at all.

It was at that point, I did what I think anyone else would have done. I stopped my car and told him I couldn't see him and I was going to follow him home. I followed him about a quarter of a mile down the highway. We started on four lanes and ended up on two.

Fortunately there wasn't much traffic and only a few cars came behind us. They were polite, no one tailgated, and they appeared to be very understanding of me driving about 10 mph, (however fast a bike goes) following the older man on the bicycle.

I imagine he had ridden to town and time had gotten away from him. He thanked me when we reached his driveway. I drove off knowing if I had driven past that man and he had gotten hit by a car whose driver didn't see him, I never could have lived with myself.

Just a reminder to make sure and help your neighbor when needed.

And a special prayer for the family in Atlanta missing their child tonight.











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