The Zimmers "My Generation"

Jan 16, 2018 -- 4:07pm


If you haven't met The Zimmres, here they are.  Some say they are the woeld oldest rock band and they are  global superstars.  

They have a 90-year-old lead singer and a cmbined age of more than 3,000.  

There story begins with BBC documantary maker, Tim Samuels. Samuels set out to make a film about how badly the elderly are treated in Britian -- and decides to form a band with the lonely old people he finds in care homes, tower blocks and bingo halls.  No one takes Samuel's idea seriously until he comes across  record label owner Neil Reed - and U2 producer Mike Hedges - who believe that the elderly should be given a voice and manage to get access to the Beatles' old studio at Abbey Road.

On a magical day, the 40 old people - who have no musical background - come together at Abbey Road to record their version of The Who's 'My Generation', with 90-year-old Alf belting out the lead vocals.

Overnight, Alf, 99-year-old Winnie, 100-year-old Buster and the rest of the band become global sensations. Their video goes to number one on YouTube.

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