Hallmark Movie Drinking Game

Dec 20, 2017 -- 3:33pm

Hallmark movies are on pretty much 24/7 this time of year and if you have to watch one, you might as well make it fun.  That's why we have come up with The Rebel Hallmark Movie Drinking Game. We prefer shots, but if you're a lightweight you can do beer.  

Ready? Hit play.

  • If the main plot of the movie takes place in a small town -- take a drink. If that small town is in New England, take another one.
  • Is one of the main characters an outsider who ends up in that town by accident or because of an obligation? Drink up. If that obligation is a Christmas wedding, drink again.
  • Has someone lost her (or his) Christmas spirit? Take a drink. If she lost the Christmas spirit because her “love” broke up with her on Christmas, take a drink. If it’s because her “love” died at Christmas, drink. If it’s because a parent left when she was a child — at Christmas — drink again.
  • Does someone die in the movie? This is rare and deserves four good drinks.

Are you OK?

  • Is there a love triangle? Take a drink. If one part of the triangle is a city slicker focused on a hectic career, take another drink. (Also, don’t get attached to him.)
  • If there’s magic involved — a magical stocking, magical ornaments, a magical snow globe, guardian angel, etc. — take two drinks.
  • If the primary male love interest is a farmer, carpenter or just someone who works with his hands, take a drink. If he drives a pickup truck or jeep, take a drink. If he wears flannel, then, … never mind, we don’t want you to die.
  • Is the male love interest descended from royalty and he falls for a commoner, and his family disapproves but comes to appreciate her genuineness? Two drinks. (We’ll also accept “snobby rich people” in the place of “royalty.”)
  • Is there an African-American best friend or assistant? Two good drinks.
  • If one of the main characters is a handsome/beautiful single dad or mom, take two drinks. If the mom or dad is single because her or his spouse died tragically, take another drink. If that spouse died near Christmastime, take another drink. If the little kid from this union is a horrible brat, check your channel because you’re not watching Hallmark.
  • If the adorable kid in the movie is a niece or nephew, take two drinks.

Better eat something, because it looks as if you need some food on your stomach. That reminds us …

  • If a baking contest is part of the plot, take a drink. If it’s ice-sculpting, take two  If the main character loses the contest, three drinks.
  • Does one of the main stars have a dog? Drink. A cat? Two drinks.
  • Are the main characters in the movie old high school sweethearts who drifted apart? Take a drink. Was it an ugly breakup? Juicy! Two drinks.
  • If there’s a ghost of some kind, take three drinks.
  • Do you recognize one of the actors from an old television show? Drink. Is it from another Hallmark movie? Drink. Did you just Google that person? Drink. Is he or she Canadian? Drink!
  • Does the small town in the movie have a big festival, Christmas parade or holiday show for which it is famous? Drink. Is that festival, parade or show in danger of not happening this year? Take another drink. If it’s because of a blizzard, drink again.

How do you feel? You'd better get it together because another movie starts in two minutes

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