Atlanta Braves Play ‘;Rock You Like a Hurricane’ During Miami Marlins Game

Sep 11, 2017 -- 6:10pm

Between innings of their game against the Miami Marlins on Thursday night, the Atlanta Braves played Scorpions‘ 1984 hit, “Rock You Like a Hurricane” over the P.A. system at SunTrust Park. But there was one major problem: Miami, and the rest of Florida, are currently preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Irma.


As the Los Angeles Times reports, the music choice was immediately derided on social media for being insensitive to the damage that hurricanes cause. However, it may have been an innocent mistake rather than an attempt at trolling the visiting team. It’s apparently regularly played at SunTrust Park, as it is in many stadiums. Plus, earlier that day, the Braves organization announced that any Florida residents who have evacuated to the Atlanta area as a result of the impending storm can attend the game for free.


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